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Storm (Thriller/Action)
This book is about a police officer who is solving a case about a murderer who tortures their victims and kills them. This novel makes you look inside the killers mind and see why he is doing this and his reasons for why. It goes into the killers past with his family and how mean they were to him. He killed his mom and here lover for whom she was having an affair with, and the novel goes on with the police officer Kate trying to find this killer. ...
Storm (Thriller/Action)
Dutton, Feb 2005, 25.95, 480 pp. ISBN: 0525947701 In 1991 Moscow, Russia struggles with the transition from communism to democracy as economic reform means increasingly difficult hardships in the short run and an increase in influence by the already powerful Mafia. Children are murdered and kidnappings are a way of life while food shortages have become dangerously normal. International Monetary Fund advisor Alice Liddell is in Moscow to pri...