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Birds in Fall
Kevin Gearns is about to close his Trachis Bay, Nova Scotia inn for the season when an airplane crashes just off the coast of Trachis Island. Kevin runs the inn with his partner Douglas. Now the rescue workers, the air safety officials and a profusion of others descend on the island, which has little public accommodation. Kevin reluctantly reopens the inn. Douglas joins the rescue efforts, while Kevin cooks, cleans and generally keeps the place going. O...
Lick Creek
This book, set in the West Virginia hills, pits a teenaged girl, who has already lost a brother, father and young love to a mine explosion, against the electric company which is installing lines through her family's property. She has an unfortunate sexual encounter with an executive and later falls in love with a Jewish worker. Their romance sets up a confrontation with the executive and the heroine takes her revenge. Forced to flee together, the cou...