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The Millionaires
- Charlie and Oliver work at the Greene & Greene Bank. - One night they get a call from Tanner Drew, a rich man that is published in the “Forbes”. - While making Tanner Drew's transaction, he comes across an account that had three million dollars in it. He also realized that this account has not made any transaction for over six months. He tells his brother that there is an abandoned account with loads of money. - Charlie says that if they steal it ...
The Tenth Justice
An excellent legal mystery!!! 4 Stars!! ...
Zero Game
Matthew Mercer and Harris Sandler are playing a mysterious game. It's a game almost no one knows about--not their friends, not their coworkers, and certainly not their bosses, who are some of the most powerful senators and congressmen on Capitol Hill. But as Matthew and Harris quickly discover, the Zero Game is hiding a secret so explosive that it will shake Washington to its core. And when someone close to them winds up dead, Harris and Matthew reali...