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Until September
Zebra, Nov 2003 ISBN: 0821775359 Claire Holladay learns she is dying from consumption, but though she has been diagnosed as having a short time left, she vows to live it to the fullest. She formally dumps her fiancé who for practical purposes dumped her anyway. A journalist for Harper's Publishing, Claire sells her publisher on her going out west and sending back articles. Her loving family supports her decision and arranges for Uncle Ben, ow...
Whispers in the Wind
Zebra, May 2004, 5.99 ISBN: 0821775367 In 1870 Mary Costner accompanied by her brother Billy has proof that she owns a gold mine in Gregory Gulch near Pikes Peak. Her “partner” Big Jim McCoy is stunned not just because he feels someone is trying to steal his claim, but that someone is a female. The Marshal informs both that each has a share. Mary tells Jim that she will dress like a man and work as hard as or even harder than him as Billy leav...