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How Like a God
Rob Lewis is an ordinary guy - married, two toddler kids, office job - until one day, from out of nowhere, godlike mental powers descend on him. At first he revels in his newfound abilities, but then he realizes the difficulties they present, and the danger they are to the people he loves. Rob flees to New York, where he lives on the streets, struggling to avoid human contact. Eventually he meets a scientist named Edwin Barbarossa, who helps him contr...
The Doors of Death and Life
In this sequel to How Like a God, Rob is back with his wife and family. He's changed his life and mostly learned to cope with his powers of mind control and thought reading, but he still hasn't told anyone except his friend Edwin Barbarossa - the scientist who saved Rob's sanity in the first book, and who Rob saved in return with the gift of eternal life. However, things begin to go awry for Rob and Edwin when Edwin nearly dies in a disaster aboard a s...