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Hairballs and Sticky Things
Hairballs and Sticky Things is the charming follow-up tale to WHAT THE CAT KNOWS. Thomas, the secondary character in the first book, helped his feline friend learn to overcome her fears and fight the germ creatures. Thomas was last seen in the first book 'riding off into the sunset' with plans to return home. This book picks up with Thomas' adventures as he returns to his home to be reunited with his family. In Thomas' case, it's been years since he ...
What the Cat Knows
This a beautiful written tale of a foundling kitty, and her struggle to protect her family from the terrors they cannot see. All cat owners will relate to this delightful tale of understanding why kitty behaves in such odd fashion, giving kitty a bath, or how kitty loves the ring on the milk jug as the best toy in the world while ignoring all the other ones we buy. ...