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American Psycho
Patrick Bateman is wallstreet stock trader with issues. In a mutually loveless relationship and surrounded by phony friends who care as little about him as he cares about them, Bateman believes that life is pointless because he can do whatever he wants with no consequences. All the characters in Ellis' book only concern themselves with clothes, status, work, drugs and sex and they all remain hollow in any descriptions given. Gradually, minor acts of vio...
Victor is an up-an-coming model/actor dating a supermodel and opening a hot new club. His world falls apart when a mysterious figure sends him to Europe to find a former girlfriend who has disappeared. He becomes immersed in a web of terrorism and deceit, and he must stay cool in order to escape with his life....
Less Than Zero
The narrator, Clay, comes home to Los Angeles for Christmas after having wasted his first year at a college in New Hampshire in a lifestyle of drugs and sex that is similar if not the same as the life he left behind in Los Angeles, so in the opening section of the novel we are presented with a futilistic outlook in which an inescapable moral decay has spread from coast to coast. The novel is a journal of Clay's wanderings in the city and in the...
The Rules Of Attraction
A subtle, ambiguous, multi-layered examination of American campus life in the 1980's. Narrated by three main protagonists, it follows them through the usual spiral of sex, drugs and parties, all the time each of them searching for a meaning in their confused lives. The most poignant aspect is that their search for purity, and for love, ultimately seems to be a fruitless one....

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