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Mortal Allies
Warner, May 2002, 24.95, 485 pp. ISBN: 0446530263 Three American soldiers apparently raped and killed a Korean soldier Le No Tae, the son of the South Korean Armed Forces Defense minister. The tumultuous situation is filled with riots and protests especially surrounding the ninety five American camps in the country. The Organization for Gay Military Members has hired civilian lawyers to defend the three soldiers. Still wearing his shorts from ...
Private Sector
Warner, Sept 2003, 24.95, 448 pp. ISBN 0446531782 Major Sean Drummond loves the army and his job as a defense attorney representing soldiers in black-ops who broke the law. His boss General Clapper needs a rest from the major and his enthusiasms that always seem to get out of hand so he takes advantage of a loan out program where army lawyers work for a year in a civilian corporation. He arranges a date with his predecessor in the loan out pr...
Secret Sanction
Protagonist, an Army Judge Advocate, conducts an investigation into the death of 35 Kosovar soldiers. However, the author demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of international law, military justice, criminal procedure, and the Army in general...despite his West Point background....
The Kingmaker
Warner, Jan 2003, 22,95, 391 pp. ISBN: 0446530557 US Army Brigadier General William T. Morrison is accused having helped the former Soviet Union when he served in Moscow as a military attaché. In Fort Leavenworth awaiting trial, William surprisingly asks that his former buddy Judge Advocate General lawyer Major Sean Drummond represent him. Beside the fact that this case will probably end his career, Sean hates William for stealing his college ...

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The President's Assassin
Someone is killing politicians, and it happened under the Secret Services' watch. The suspects have published a web site with a $100 Million reward for whoever kills the American President. While most people wouldn't bite at killing for the money, $100 Million could change even the most petty criminal into a murderer, and the authorities knows that leaving them with a huge spectrum of suspects. Drummond is back in another crime thriller and once aga...

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