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Beneath The Moors and Darker Places
Tor, Feb 2002, 24.95, 384 pp. ISBN: 0312876947 Many horror novelists and filmmakers have tried to capture the essence of the Cthulhu mythos, but most fail even when the effort attempts to pay homage to Lovecraft. BENEATH THE MOORS AND DARKER PLACES succeeds in achieving the essence of Lovecraft's works and paying respect to the master supernatural writer yet feels fresh. Brian Lumley includes a potent novella (BENEATH THE MOORS) not publishe...
Defilers - Necroscope 12
The vampire-hunting E-Branch prepare to take on the vampiress Vavara, one of three wamphyri lords roaming the Earth. Meanwhile the new Necroscope, Jake Cutter, sets off alone to take revenge on his girlfriends' murderers. The story has one or two interesting ideas, but ruined by pedestrian plotting, inane dialogue and some moments of truly awful writing....
Necroscope: Deadspawn
Tor, Dec 2003, 26.95, 428 pp. ISBN: 0312863810 The good news is that Necroscope Harry Keogh has begun recovering his abilities to deadspeak and to enter the Mobius Continuum; the bad news is that an evil seed is taking root inside of him. His friends notice that Harry is changing into a Wamphyri vampire. Harry tries to keep on living as he always has, but obviously the growth inside is becoming more powerful by the moment. Finally his former a...
Tor, Aug 2002, 24.95, 304 pp. ISBN: 0765304813 Two decades have passed since Richard Garrison entered Psychosphere to cleanse evil from the planet. The world has surprisingly lived in harmony since as Pax Psychomech has descended on the Earth. However, the tranquillity ends when the Psychomech goes insane seeking balance in the differing universe. People become victims of the Gibbering, an irreparable plague of insanity and some die. Though...

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The Whisperer and Other Voices
THE WHISPERER AND OTHER VOICES Tor, Feb 2001, 24.95, 332 pp. ISBN: 0312876955 THE WHISPERER AND OTHER VOICES is an anthology consisting of a long novella (or is that a short novel as advertised by Tor?) and eight short stories. Each of the short stories is well written and for the most part pays homage to Lovecraft. They run the gamut from graveyard serious horror to satirical humor. The amusing tales like “The Lustone” show how talented Br...

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