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Dead Line
Atria, Jan 2004, 25.00 ISBN: 0743463668 Lawyer Hilary Kane comes home early from a business trip only to find her boyfriend in bed with another woman. Instead of clubbing him with Big Bertha, Hilary chucks him for the Ritz Carlton where she drinks at the bar when Boston Mayor Daniel Harkins arrives. Hilary and Daniel end up in his room for the night. As she goes to sneak out of their room while he is asleep, she cannot resist peaking into h...
The Nominee
Atria, Sep 2002, 25.00, 376 pp. ISBN: 0743403525 Boston Record publisher Paul Ellis informs his expert investigative reporter Jack Flynn that a hostile takeover of the newspaper is in the works. He also states that the sudden heart-attack death of his predecessor five years ago may have been a homicide. Paul wants Jack to learn what is going on with the buyout attempt and the strange death of the previous publisher. Jack already has interest...