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An Experiment In Treason
Putnam, Oct 2002, 24.95, 288 pp. ISBN 0399149236 He may be blind but Sir John Fielding is regarded as one of the most intelligent magistrates in 1793 London. He presides as a judge in court and leads investigations on matters that are sensitive to England's interests. Lord Hillsborough, the Secretary of State for the American Colonies, is robbed and one of the footmen is dead. He tells Sir John that he has no idea what the burglars were after ...
Blind Justice
The first of the Sir John Fielding series which introduces us to the blind magistrate of Bow Street and his young protege, Jeremy Proctor. The setting is 18th Century London and Lord Goodhope has been found murdered in his study in his home behind locked doors. For fans of the Caleb Carr novels, this series is sure to please with a surprising twist which only the most experienced of readers will predict....
Rules of Engagement
Putnam, Mar 2005, 24.95 ISBN: 0399152423 In 1775 a saddened Lord Chief Justice William Murray asks a favor of Sir John Fielding, the magistrate of the Bow St. Court. William explains to John and his clerk Jeremy Proctor how Lord Francis Talley died. The aristocrat was completing work on a bill to blockade the four biggest American ports so the economic consequences will put an end to the Adams' nonsense when he left his office to take a walk. ...
The Price of Murder
Putnam, Oct 2003, 24.95, 272 pp. ISBN 0399150781 A young child, no bigger than eight, is fished out of the Thames River in London of 1774. When Sir John Fielding of 4 Bow Street, the magistrates of London and Winchester hears of this, he sends his protégée Jeremy Proctor to investigate. A month ago Alice Plummer reported her daughter was stolen and Sir John thinks that the child in the water was Margaret Plummer. When Jeremy arrives on the doc...

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