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Gascon Feathers
A peaceful, idyllic hamlet in the deep southwest of France is disrupted when the "duck stuffers" arrive. Intent on force feeding the birds for the huge profits of "foie gras", they proceed to pollute both the land and the lives of those living in the ancient, beautiful homes nearby. Hatreds, tensions and fears finally boil over to infect the whole region in this tale about animal cruelty and the brutalization of its practitioners. ...
Suicide String
The story details the life of a member of a Hamas Battle Cell and his mission to attain Paradise by means of a suicide bombing. Countering him are two governments, law enforcement agencies still reeling from "9/11", an expert professor being tapped for his knowledge of terrorism, and the academic's students and friends. A potential foil to the "martyr's" task are the confused workings of his own mind fighting with his desire to be "remembered" by his p...