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Low Red Moon
Roc, Nov 2003, 14.00, 352 pp. ISBN 0451459482 He's a gifted psychic who gave the police the break they needed to find Mary English, a serial killer who killed fourteen children. Deacon Silvey solved many cases for the Atlanta police before the ugliness he subjected himself to finally wore him out. He was an unemployed drunk living in Birmingham when he met Chance, a young woman on the right side of the tracks who wanted Deacon but only if he ga...
Murder of Angels
Roc, Sep 2004, 14.00, 352 pp. ISBN: 0451459962 Niki Ky and Daria Parker have not made peace with the events that happened in Spider's basement in Birmingham, Alabama. Daria is a famous rock star who uses liquor to drown out the memories while her lover Niki is a schizophrenic seeing things and people no one else does and getting through the day on drugs. These “imaginary” figures are becoming more real to her until her former lover Spyder final...