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Beauty Sleep
For years the king and queen had despaired of ever having a child so when Aurore arrived, the whole kingdom rejoiced. Well, almost everyone. There was one forgotten, embittered woman who resided at court who seized the opportunity to curse the sleeping baby and then disappeared. Aurore grew up with the curse overshadowing all of her days. Her parents were determined to protect her and so limited her activities to those that did not involve any sharp,...
Hindenburg 1937
It's 1937 Anna's brother is a Nazi who wants to arrange a marriage for her that will advance his career. Anna decides to escape to America where she hopes she will be able to build a new life. Her grandfather had planned a trip on the Hindenburg before he died. Anna decides to make that trip herself. On board the airship she encounters two men. Erik offers to keep her safe. Karl is the man she once loved but she believes he has become a Nazi spy. As the ...
How Not to Spend Your Senior Year
Jo O'Connor and her father are in the witness protection program. They move quite often and Jo has learned to never get attached to anything or anyone. She has a flawless system - blend in. She does that until on her first day as a senior at Beacon High in Seattle she breaks her onm rule. Jo gets swept in to the world of popularity and friends. She meets a guy named Alex Crawford. He's smart, funny, and hamdsome. Jo does something that she has alway...
Washington Avalanche 1910
Ginny Nolan, a tempestuous young girl, realizes that her family is betraying her. Knowing that she must escape, she flees her home, and sets out on a journey to Seattle. On the train she finds a friend, Virginia Hightower. Discovering how much they are alike, they form a plan. You see, Virginia is going to Seattle to marry a man she has never met. They believe it would be best if Virginia could meet Nicholas Bennet, before they marry. But the plan ...

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