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A Knight's Passion: The Kinsmen
King Henry II orders twin brothers, both landed knights, to marry a pair of beautiful Welsh cousins, both of whom are orphaned, both of whom have holdings in the Marches, the borderlands of Wales. But when one brother breaks his leg and his betrothed runs from England back to Wales, his twin sets out to bring her back for the wedding. He falls in love with her, while his disabled brother finds himself falling for the woman who should soon be his sister...
A Knight's Vow
A young knight is set on retaking his heritable lands, lost to him when a relative attacked the keep and killed his sire. But the woman he loves teaches him there is more than one side to every cause and that compromise, in love and in life, is often more effective than the might of a sword. ...
A Twist In Time
Judy's a modern girl who travels back in time and wants nothing more than to return to her own time and country. Not being successful at first, she debates marrying a handsome knight she doesn't love, but ends up marrying the man who drives her crazy, in more ways than one. But because she loves Andrew, she has to leave when she can, even though that means losing the love of her life. Except she doesn't lose him, because he loves her more than his own...