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I Do (But I Don't)
Downtown Press, Jun 2003, 12.00 ISBN: 0743457536 Working as a wedding planner at Forever Wedding in Austin, Lauren Crandell reflects on her life. Under thirty and divorced already seems like a bad role model for her work, but Lauren feels relief that Brad, a classic consumer user (spend but not earn), left her though she still struggles to move past that failure. Lauren spends most of her life on the job insuring ceremonies go off without a hit...
Pink Slip Party
Downtown, Apr 2004, 13.00, 336 pp. ISBN: 0743457544 In Lakeview, Illinois, art designer of office supplies like pink slips, Jane McGregor learns by email she is being indefinitely laid off. Jane never saw the pink slip coming because she felt safe as she was dating the Vice President of Midwest Division of Maximum Office Supplies. When she asks why, she is told that her boyfriend Mike Orepheus euphemistically furloughed her and kindly follows t...