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Carrie Pilby
Red Dress Ink, June 2003, 12.95, 336 pp. ISBN 0373250290 At the age of eighteen Carrie Pilby graduated Harvard with a B.A. in philosophy. Now she lives in an apartment in Greenwich Village, but hardly ever goes out except to see her psychologist and has no friends or a job. Her favorite activity is laying in bed and watching a video until she falls asleep. She feels like she doesn't fit into society and though she is alone she isn't lonely. I...
Starting from Square Two
Red Dress, Mar 2004, 12.95, 320 pp. ISBN: 0373250525 In Astoria, Long Island, Gert Healy met her future husband Marc over a college math course. They exclusively dated one another for three years until they married. They remained together for the next five years until he tragically died. Eighteen months later, she remains in mourning for her loss, but her two best friends Erika and Hallie drag Gert out on the town. At Art's Bar, Gert meets ...