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Big Girls Do Cry
Egypt is living the good life with her husband Rashad,. She makes a big mistake and opens her home to her sister Isis, Rashad's ex-girfriend. Egypt is on the come-up. Her husband Rashad is doing very well in the investment world. He is helping others who invest in his hedge fund to become millionaires as well. The couple has a pimped out mini-mansion and everything they want, except for a baby. Egypt's womb won't carry a pregnancy to full-term. When E...
Up to No Good
Darnel is a handsome black man in love. He keeps his dress GQ for the office, and has a good heart. He's given his heart to Keisha, his first love. At the age of fifteen, he'd given her his virginity along with promises to love and cherish her. For Darnel, Keisha was everything he wanted in a woman. He'd watched his mother and the hurt she had endured from his playboy father for years. James Black was a financial provider who enjoyed a variety of women ...