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Promise Him Everything
Onyx, Jul 2004, 6.99, 336 pp. ISBN: 0451411439 In Riverton, Kansas, David Blankenship holds seventeen preschoolers including his son Billy and two adults hostage at the Tiny Tots Day Care center demanding to speak to his former wife substitute elementary school teacher Juliette Monroe. Hostage negotiator Nick Corelli makes contact with David, but worries about the victims as the culprit is silent for the most part, but when he speaks, he shows n...
Secrets of a Pregnant Princess
Princess Samira flies to Montebelle to search for her lover Desmond Caruso with her bodyguard Farid Nasir. Months earlier, the couple has rendevous and become lovers escaping from Samira's watchful bodyguards. But the tryst results in an unwanted pregnancy. Samira innocently believes that Desmond is the man for her and will be happy to marry her once he finds out she's with child. When she is ready to meet him, she finds him kissing and embracing a lady,...
The Perfect Family
Signet, Mar 2005, 6.50, 368 pp. ISBN: 0451213904 In Cass Creek near Kansas City, Marissa Jamison still mourns the death of her spouse John, a firefighter killed in a hit and run incident in a grocery lot. She hides her grief because she knows her two youngsters seven year old Justin and five year old Jessica need her to be strong. Following a little game in which her son played at Line Creek Park, Marissa gets into a near fender bender with a...
The Reluctant Wife
Samantha Dark returns to her hometown in Wilford, Kansas after running away from it and her family 6 years ago. She goes back to pay respect after her father has died. She has had a difficult childhood. She always yearns to receive his father's attention and approval but falls short with his impossibly high standards. When her father adopts Tyler Sinclair and trains him to be his protégé, Samantha and her sister get ignored. Their mistakes are always cri...

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