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Black For Rememberance
Caroline Webb knows what it means to lose the person you love most. Twenty years ago, her 5-year-old daughter, Hayley, was the light of her life. Then Hayley was kidnapped. More than a month passed before her burned body was found. Caroline started over with a new husband. She even has another daughter and son. Suddenly, Hayley's favorite doll reappears...strange murders rock the Webb's small town...Caroline even claims she has heard the voice of the Hay...
If She Should Die
Three years have passed since Dara Prince disappeared from Winston, West Virginia, leaving a note saying she had run away. Now a body has been found in a creek that Christine Ireland suspects could well be her adopted sister Dara. When Dara's diary turns up unexpectedly, Christine is plunged into her lost sister's mysterious past. Dara was certain somebody was stalking her, just as someone is watching Christine's every move. ...