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BULLWHIP, second in a trilogy of satirical novels (The Neophyte / Bullwhip / California Fever), focuses on the protagonist's senior year of high school. Since the moment of his abrupt and unexpected arrival, we realize that this brazen young man is out of control. His 'I don't care attitude' soon sets in motion a series of events where he must overcome simultaneously a number of challenges: a gang led by tough Ramrod; the sexual advances of Ms. Hilda, ...
Orpheus' Blues
ORPHEUS' BLUES is a novel of self-discovery. We first meet Jack Stewart on the way back to his apartment in New York City, where he is pursuing a career as a jazz musician. As the novel unfolds, we learn of the difficulties he encounters, of the friendship he develops with George, his roommate--also a jazz musician--and the women he meets in the city. But more importantly, we learn of the very close relationship he has with his mother, who writes to ...