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Son of Avonar
Roc, Feb 2004, 6.99, 480 pp. ISBN 0451459628 For centuries, it was thought that the soldiers killed all the sorcerers and stamped magic out of existence. The ruthless noble Evard is an heir to the Leiran throne and brutally disposes of any threats to his goal of becoming king. His closest ally Tomas, Duke of Corrigon and the King's Champion, has a sister Seri who he plans to marry. Through trickery, Seri forces the monarch to let her choose ...
Song of the Beast
Roc, May 2003, 6.99, 480 pp. ISBN: 0451459237 The world has never known a musician as powerful as Aidan MacAllister, a man whose voice can make grown men weep. He is the cousin of the king of Elyria a powerful ruler who has conquered many nations and made it part of his empire. He couldn't have done it without the help of the Ridemark clan who control the bloodstones that make the dragons obey them and turn them into a fierce fighting machine. ...
The Soul Weaver
Roc, Feb 2005, 7.99, 480 pp. ISBN 0451460170 While Karon rules in Avonor on the world of Gondai, a place where magic is practiced openly, his wife Seri and their son Gerik live on the mundane world of Valleorn, where magic is stamped out whenever the anomaly appears. Gerick recovers from being held prisoner by the lords of Zhev'Na, powerful evil sorcerers. They hoped to break Gerick and make him one of them but his parents rescued him. In Av...
Seyonne was born an Ezzarian, a free people in a lush, green land who used their magical powers to free innocent people from demon possession. But the Ezzarians kept their demon war a secret and all the conquering Derzhi saw was a rich land to conquer. Seyonne was captured and put through horrible rites that stripped him of his magical powers. Forced into slavery, Seyonne endured horrible conditions and masters, living by his mantra "what comes, comes" a...

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