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Drowning Tree
Ballantine, Jul 2004, 24.95, 339 pp. ISBN: 0345462122 Penrose College alumni art historian Christine Webb explains the depths and links that make up a splendid stained-glass window at her alma mater to her audience of feminists. The masterpiece contains a portrait of the wife of glassmaker and school founder Augustus Penrose. Christine explains that the glass art pays homage to romantic poets, pre-Raphaelite paintings, and Greek mythology, etc ...
The Lake of Dead Languages
When Joan returns to Heart Lake Academy after leaving her job in Philadelphia, she finds that even twenty years away from the place where she grew up cannot diminish the sinister, haunting feeling. A place shrouded in mystery and unspoken nightmares, Heart Lake is stull haunted by the murder of three students- Joan's room mates from her senior year. It's when the murders begin to be recreated and Joan begins to recieve ominous messages from persons unk...