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Cunning Prosposals
Cunning Proposals is a romance/detective story involving a plan initiated by the governor encouraging community leaders to submit proposals in the hopes of utilizing appropriated funds earmarked for Chicago. As the story unfolds, certain community leaders and individuals develop creative ways to misuse these funds. One of the main characters is a real estate tycoon who has ties to the Mafia. He opens an illegal casino and convinces his innocent emp...
From Avinger to Iroquois Street
Newlyweds, Louise and Dennis Clark travel to California from a boring farm town in Texas in the 1950's in search of a better life. They move into a coach house in LA and discover a hidden treasure. Two ex-cons arrive on the scene in search of this treasure. Louise is suspicious of the men and she tries to convince her husband that they are up to no good. Through her own investigation, she finds proof linking the men to the treasure. The younger ex...