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A Compromising Position
Emily Miller's life is in a shambles when she discovers that her boyfriend Declan has posted naked pictures of her in a Santa costume on the internet. Devastated by Declan's betrayal, Emily moves in with her best friend Cara and prepares to sell the home she and Declan share. Declan surprises Emily by telling her that he remortgaged the house due to massive debts he sustained and that they will owe the mortgage company $100,000 after the home is sold. ...
A Minor Indiscretion
Red Dress, Aug 2003, 13.95, 400 pp. ISBN: 0373250339 In London Alicia Kingston sits at the café feeling miserable about anything and everything. Her husband and their three children insist it comes with the territory of closing in on forty, but Ali thinks it is more than just that. When Christian the street artist, who is closer in age to her teenage daughter than to her, hits on her by drawing her, Ali feels the first stir of excitement in eons...
For Better, For Worse
Josie Flynn is en route to New York City from London to attend her cousin's wedding when she meets rock journalist Matt Jarvis. Although she is in the process of divorcing her husband, Damien, and is very jaded about love, Josie feels major sparks with fellow Brit, Matt. Matt is recently divorced and seems to be sympatico with Josie on many levels. Matt and Josie share a taxicab ride and make plans to meet up prior to the wedding to do some sightseein...
Let's Meet on Platform 8
Red Dress, Aug 2004, 12.95, 304 pp. ISBN: 0373250657 While rushing to catch the 6:07 from London on Platform 8, Jamie Duncan cannonballs through Teri Carter. Instead of continuing his mad dash, Jamie stops to help Teri by bandaging her scraped knee, giving her new stockings to replace the ones he ruined, allows her to place her feet on his lap, and finally takes her home. Teri thinks she has finally found a sensitive charming love buddy. How...

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