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Blood Junction
Mysterious Press, Sept 2002, 24.95, 323 pp. ISBN 0892967706 India Kane is looking forward to her reunion with her best friend Lauren in the small Australian outback town of Cooinda. Before she reaches her destination, a good Samaritan who turns out to be an off-duty policeman picks her up. He drops her off at the place where she's supposed to meet Lauren, but her pal is not there. India goes to the place where Lauren resides hoping to find her...
Dead Heat
Mysterious, Feb 2004, 23.95 ISBN: 089296778 Georgia Parrish returns home to Nulgarra in Far Northern Queensland, Australia to attend a funeral. Knowing that the townsfolk detest her and struggling with keeping calm against the constant verbal assault of her temporary bunkmate, Georgia decides now that the funeral is over to leave where she is not welcome. She heads to the small airport hoping to gain a seat on a flight out though she knows that...