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A Ghost in the Machine
St. Martin's, Aug 2004, 25.95, 400 pp. ISBN: 0312324219 In the village of Forbes Abbot, Dennis Brinkley is the subject of much local gossip as he collects replicas of old war-weapons and torture devices of varying sizes. Paradoxically, one of the collector's war machines crushes him to death. The villagers believe that a freak accident occurred, but his best friend Benny thinks someone is getting away with a homicide. The locals believe that...
A Place of Safety
Chief Detective Barnaby and his young, sometimes rash, sidekick Gavin Troy are called to a small English village with the charming name of Ferne Bassett to unravel a murder and mysterious disappearance. A troubled youth from a high class halfway house has gone missing. The lady of the house guiltily thinks she might be arrested for her drowning and fears blackmail. But while demands for payoff continue to come in, the potential blackmailer is fou...