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A College of Magics
Tor, Nov 2002, 5.99, 468 pp. ISBN: 0765342456 Her Uncle Brinker rules Galazon as regent since he asserted that his niece Faris Nallaneen is too young to reign. As Faris gets closer to leading her duchy, Brinker sends her to Greenlaw College. Her aptitude seems poor as she is not much of a student especially of magic, but the dean claims that Faris is one of the four guardians being the warden of the north. Faris believes no one is less magical...
A Scholar of Magics
Tor, Apr 2004, 24.95, 300 pp. ISBN: 0765303086 After spending time with Kiowa Bob's Wild West Show in locales like Wyoming, sharpshooting Samuel Lambert receives a job offer to work on the Agincourt Project at Glasscastle University in England. Though he is not entirely sure why a place of magical learning would invite an expert marksman, he jumps at the offer. After six months at the college Samuel feels he can adapt to anything though his s...