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Hotline to Danger
Nancy Drew and her two best friends Bess and George volunteer to work for Help is Here Hotline, where teens who have troubles at home and school can call. One day she receives an anonymous caller, who gives her a tip. She goes to the place and finds a dead body. Now she has to find the killer and the witness before the killer does....
Nancy's Mysterious Letter
This book is from the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories series. By mistake Nancy recieves a letter from England intended for an heiress, also named Nancy Drew. When Nancy goes searching for the young woman, it becomes obvious that a man is out to prevent her from finding the heiress or himself....
Password to Larkspur Lane
Nancy Drew is once again swept into mystery, when a homing pigeon crashes in her garden. A strange message attached to the birds leg leads Nancy and her friends on a dangerous mission. Somewhere an elderly woman is being held prisoner in a mansion. While working on the case, Nancy's friend Helen Archer begs her to solve a weird mystery. Helen's grandparents are frightened by a spinning blue light that appears at their home on Sylvan Lake.Could these mys...
Secrets Can Kill
Nancy goes back to school. When a student is found dead at a nearby school, Nancy is called in to find out who the killer is. Excellent debut book in the Nancy Drew Files series....

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The Clue of the Broken Locket
Nancy Drew goes on a hunt for a baby's natural parents. Can she find the baby's real parents or will the child be raised by greedy unkind actors. Who is out to make a quick buck from the child?...

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