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Clock Without Hands
In the novel Clock Without Hands, McCullers focuses on the act of dying. The central character,Malone, has been diagnosed with a terminal cancer, and given fifteen months to live . The thrust of the book is on Malone's coming to terms with his imminent death, and in the process understanding the mysteries of life....
The Ballad of the Sad Cafe
Cousin Lymon Willis, a hunchback dwarf, has come to town to visit Miss Amelia. He holds up a blurry photograph that is proof positive Fanny and Martha Jesup are half sisters; therefore, Miss Amelia and Lymon are cousins. Miss Amelia, a rich store owner, keeps to herself after a disastrous 10 day marriage. But she is somehow infatuated with the hunchback dwarf who can turn on the tears anytime he wants to. Cousin Lymon is invited to live with he...
The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
Carson Mccullers takes us into the life of a family during the great depression, and the struggles they face, especially that of the main character a young girl struggling with her faith, and wanting more than anything to be a musician. She dreams of one day owning a piano which her family can not afford. This book is a sad tale, and not for the light hearted....