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A Married Man
Lucy Fellowes is a widow with two young sons. Her husband, Ned, was killed in a car accident rushing to the hospital where Lucy was giving birth to their youngest son. Four years later, while over the majority of her grief, she is offered a dream house on her wealthy, socialite, parents-in-law's estate. Lucy doesn't particularly get along with her mother-in-law, Rose, but the offer of free accomodation and schooling for her boys is too good to refuse, ...
Not That Kind Of Girl
Henrietta Tate is a desperate housewife. Her two teenage kids are now away at boarding school and she is left home while other women in her rural upperclass village work in the city. So she gets a job working as a PA for an extremely handsome military historian named Laurence. However, after accidently taking three sleeping pills and a double gin and tonic, a lunch date with her boss becomes a disaster. Her husband Marcus enters their London flat t...
The Wedding Day
Annie O'Harran is a single mother of a teen-aged girl named Flora. She is a short story writer, currently embarking on her first full novel. She is also due to be married in six weeks to David, a wealthy London doctor. Annie gets the opportunity to stay at David's auntie's beach house in the country, where she can finish her novel and prepare for her wedding. Annie falls in love with the place and spends time with her daughter exploring the woods,...

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