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Angel in the Dark
Mariana Morgan is recently widowed and is adjusting the living alone with her cats. She decides to join a meditation group to help her cope with the murder of her husband and the loss of her job. As she learns about the new age culture and gets involved in the group deeper, Mariana learns that she has natural healing abilities and that the meditation group is under attack by a spiritual killer. Mariana must stop the killer with the help of the spirits...
Follow the Murder
Five Star, Oct 2002, 25.95, 24 pp. ISBN: 0786243163 Clinic walk-in client Natalie Thorson informs her psychiatrist Faith Cassidy that she is filled with anger towards her former husband and wants him dead. She goes so far as to say she would love to murder Craig. Faith concludes that Natalie is emotionally too tired to carry out her threat but still consults with a peer who agrees with her assessment. The next day attorney Miriam Stern calls...