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Always Faithful
When Staff Sergeant Rowan McKinley is charged with murder, she wants the best defense counsel the Marine Corps has to offer—Captain Phillip Stuart. Phillip swore he'd never have anything to do with the one woman who broke his heart, yet he doesn't hesitate to answer her plea for help. The love and passion each thought gone sparks to life, only now it is forbidden by military law. Knowing the rules and adhering to them are very different matters. But wh...
Ice Princess
Zach Taylor and Claudia Stuart have been at odds with each other for five years, a feud that masks the desire each truly feels. After a night of wine and gambling, they wake to find themselves married to each other. Disgust turns to a partnership when they discover they must use their marriage as a front to find a killer. Forced in close companionship, can passion tear down the wall between them before a power-hungry madman kills them both? ...