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Marya Morevna is the youngest of four sisters living in early 1900's Russia. She watches as each of her sisters marries, seeing that each of the men was first a bird that watched the house before transforming and knocking at the door. Armed with this knowledge, she waits for her own bird husband to arrive. As she waits, focused on the day he will arrive, she ignores the world around her and is only vaguely aware of the revolution brewing in the countr...
Palimpsest is a story about four characters as they struggle to discover the connection between them and the titular city. The story has four separate beginnings, where each of the characters wakes up and reminisces about a night of perfect sex with a stranger. There is Oleg, a locksmith in New York City, Ludovico, who is a librarian and bookseller, November the beekeeper, and a student from Japan named Sei. After they wake up from their sleep, each of t...