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Just Between Us
Hugh and Rose are have been married for 40 years and on the day of their anniversary party Rose walks out of the marriage because she finally faced the truth about Hugh having affairs over the years. Stella, the oldest child is divorced with a young daughter of her own. She may have a brilliant career as a lawyer but is afraid at her age, she may never find true love. In walks Nick, the man she could be happy forever with except he is also divorced wi...
Someone Like You
Plume, May 2002, 14.00, 472 pp. ISBN: 0452283388 Thirty-seven year old American Hannah Campbell is not really enjoying her trysts with her younger perfect male specimen though the muscle bound stud helps her somewhat forget her former spouse whose off traipsing somewhere like the Amazon. Though Jeff Williams would have been the leading model for an Ancient Rome statue, a bored Hannah leaves him to visit Egypt. At the Pyramids, Hannah meets a fo...