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L.A. Woman
Red dress Ink, June 2002, 12.95, 288 pp. ISBN 0373250169 When her fiancÚ of four years gets transferred from a small northern California town to Los Angeles, Sarah Walker quits her job and moves there to make the move easier for Benjamin. Unfortunately for Sarah, the transfer is delayed, forcing Sarah to find a job that will pay the rent. A couple of months later, Benjamin informs Sarah that his transfer is imminent but he prefers to have a se...
Surfgirl School
Allison Robbins is on the verge of breakdown. She is a semi-successful, intelligent businesswoman in advertising. But she is constantly under stress, and has begun having panic attacks. The doctor recommends she find a hobby, something fun that will ease her mind. Sean Gilroy is quite the opposite. He has worked in the same surf shop for over a decade, and lives for the waves. Relaxed, somewhat carefree, and undeniably kind. When Allison picks surf...