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Kindred Spirits
ImaJinn, Feb 2004, 13.95, 284 pp. ISBN 189389634x Wealthy businessman Marcus Van Buren is honeymooning with his new bride. His personal assistant Rufus Sinclair along with parapsychologist professor Thaddeus Bookman has a very unusual assignment. They have to somehow persuade the ghosts of his ancestors, James, Jonas and Izzy to move on to the next plane and stop haunting Laguna Vista. Jonas, who admitted the mistake he made in his mortal life...
Knight of My Dreams
ImaJinn, Oct 2002, 14.50, 282 pp. ISBN 1893896854 During the reign of King Edward II, a knight who lost his estate due to his father's gambling was promised it back if he escorted Gilliam Marrick to Baron Nigel Redmere. Gilliam fears the match because she believes her intended killed his two previous wives when they didn't produce heirs. On the way to Redmere's estate Gillian falls in love with her escort Baldric deLacey, a relationship that wi...
Scandalous Spirits
ImaJinn, Apr 2002, 14.50, 316 pp. ISBN: 1893896234 In Atlantic City, the three Van Buren siblings (Jonas, Isadore, and James) died when inebriated and they drove off the road into the nearby water. For the last seventy years they have haunted the family home at Laguna Vista, but the last decade has been boring, as no one has resided in the house. The ghosts know they are somewhat at fault with their pranks that have kept their descendants away....