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How to Fall in Love
This is a coming to terms story about a woman trying to save a man who wants to kill himself. Christine oe is a head hunter and places people in their ideal job positions, but she also likes to help herself. As she is trying to find her 'happy place', she stumbles upon a man trying to commit suicide, Simon. She manages to talk him out of it and he puts down the gun, but she says something that upsets him and he shoots himself. He is transferred to a hosp...
P.S. I Love You
Holly and Gerry met through mutual friends while still in junior high school. They became sweethearts as both recognized that they had met their love buddy. Eventually they married. He promised Holly that if he ever left her, he would leave her with a list. Two months later Gerry is dead. After fifteen plus years from they met, thirty years old Gerry was diagnosed with a brain tumor. A few months after Gerry's death an almost thirty Holly remains gri...
Rosie Dunne
This story begins by introducing you to two young children who are the best of friends. Their names are Alex and Rosie. As they grow older it is obvious they are meant for each other and everyone seems to see this except for the most important ones, the ones who are meant for each other, Alex and Rosie. As the story goes on you find that many obstacles prevent them from the one destiny that they both long for. It seems as if they take turns wanting to...
The Book of Tomorrow
This is the story of Tamara Goodwin, who recently lost her father. She and her mother move to her aunt and uncle's place in a rural village, a big difference for Tamara, who grew up in a fancy mansion. Her mother becomes very distant, does not communicate with Tamara at all and keeps to herself. There is something strange going on on the farm. Tamara meets a man who runs a bus library, and she picks up a diary, only to discover that the events of the nex...

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