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Glutton for Punishment
Charly Poisson is very French and very quirky. He owns the best (and only) French restaurant in Van Buren County, upstate New York. When Patty the Pastry Chef's friend, Amanda, seemingly commits suicide, Charly knows it was murder and sets out to catch the killer. Charly is an endearing character, somewhat reminiscent of Hercule Poirot. The book is well plotted, filled with believable small town characters---and the accompanying recipes for French Co...
Prepared for Murder: A Culinary Mystery with Recipes
Charly Poisson, quirky French owner of La Fermette-the bst French restaurant in upstate NY stumbles over a frozen, partially decomposed body when the spring thaw begins. His discovery sets off an investigation tied into previous events. Organized crime is also invading the county in the form of a specialty frozen seafood entree company mostly in the business of money laundering. Another light-hearted romp with Charly and friends in rural NY. This is a fu...