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The Battle of Evernight
Aspect, April 2003, 24.95, 451 pp. ISBN: 0446528072 After facing much adversity, Tahquil's memory and her looks are restored to her so she starts a quest, accompanied by two faithful friends, to locate the Gate of Oblivion's Kiss. If she can find it and open it, the Faeren who have been exiled on Erith can go home and take their hatred of mortals with them. Tahquil knows that Prince Morragan of the magical Realm is looking for her and she does ...
The Ill-Made Mute - The Bitterbynde 1
An amnesiac awakens in a strange place, and becomes disfigured by a poisonous plant. The plot describes the protagonist's search for identity and history. A journey is undertaken, through a world filled with amazing, magical creatures. Along the way secrets are discovered, and a little romance is encountered. The descriptions of this "Otherworld" are poetic and beautiful, the imagery is stunning. I would recommend this book to anyone. I could not put ...
The Lady Of The Sorrows - The Bitterbynde 2
Warner, Apr 2002, 24.95, 448 pp. ISBN044652803X Her flawed visage has returned to its normal beauty and she is no longer mute, but Imrhien has not fully healed from the sorcery attack that has left her with no memory. Though still suffering from magically induced amnesia, she realizes she needs to inform the king of a treasure she found. Reluctantly, Imrhien masquerades as Lady Rohain. She also hopes to locate Thorn, the ranger she loves. ...