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The Chosen - The Nine Lives of Chloe King 3
Chloe breaks a centuries-long curse on the Mai, inherits the role of Pride Leader and sacrifices one of her nine lives so that there will be peace between the Mai and the Order of the Tenth Blade. Chloe King is a Mai (a person with cat-like agility and powers) who has to inherit the role of Pride Leader (leader of the Mai) from the current Pride Leader, a wealthy real estate mogul called Sergei. This is the third book in a trilogy. In the first book, The...
The Stolen
Chloe hides out with other cat-like beings in a luxurious mansion run by a real-estate mogul to avoid assassins that are out to kill her and along the way, she discovers the truth about the creature she is as well as her true family history. Chloe is an average teenager with above average cat-like powers who doesn't understand how her completely normal life could so suddenly do a 180 degree flip and become so screwed up. Her primary concern for the momen...