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Cold Heart
Bantam, April 2002, 5.99, 336 pp. ISBN 0553583719 Micky Ascherfeld was only sixteen years old when she saw her parents gunned down in their store. Years later, as an as an adult she still is traumatized by that event. Although she managed to pass the police exam and is part of the Houston Police Department, none of her peers knows that she is still suffering from her ordeal. Only her partner and lover knows and a psychopath kills him before...
Night Terror
Bantam, March 2003, 6.50, 416 pp. ISBN 0440241227 Arcos, Maine is a small quiet town where people know their neighbors and doors are never locked. Yet in the space of four years two boys disappeared without a trace and most people, including Sheriff Virgil Milche, think they will never be found. Zach Bock has been missing for over a year now and his parents, Richard and Audrey, remain tortured by his absence. Audrey, who had a very strong bond...
The Darkening
Dell, July 2004, 6.50, 448 pp. ISBN 0553586033 The world is changing as the forces of darkness begin to get stronger. Billions of people have disappeared, only their clothing left behind. Many of those who remain are changed into reptilian beasts who only want to kill the normals. There is no more power and the food and water have a taint to it. Cities collapse and the landscape of the planet undergoes a rapid change. The Old Ones, beings wh...