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Ham on Rye
Charles Bukowski tells us of the coming of age of Henry Chinaski in this thinly veiled autobiography. Seen through the eyes of this angry teen, we hear about his difficult relationship with his parents. His abusive father would beat him with his razor if the lawn wasn't maintained to perfection. Henry also had the worst case of acne that his doctors had ever seen. Experimentally, the doctors would puncture each pimple or have him sit under ultra- vio...
Post Office
Henry Chinaski is a loner who only wants to drink and be with women. He decides to get a job at the post office because, as he says, they'll hire anybody and the work seems easy. The book follows Chinaski through his experiences in the Post Office, at the race track, and with women. It is written in a simple and direct style. The post office is society, with its rules of conduct and order. Full of insight and depth, this book isn't afraid of being brutal...
This is probably thinly-disguised autobiography, as much of Bukowski's prose may be. A (non-)spiritual literary descendant of Henry Miller, Bukowski wrote and screwed his way through the world, but redeemed himself to the extent that he never kidded himself or others. He never pretended to be anything he wasn't, and he wrote fine, honest -- if often vulgar -- prose. Something of an acquired taste, his view from the gutter has a refreshing honesty about i...

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