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After Havana
St. Martin's, Jan 2004, 24.95, 336 pp. ISBN: 0312307489 In 1958 American expatriate Pete Deacon hides in Cuba from powerful mobsters and business moguls though he sees no difference between the two groups wanting to harm him. Pete loves to play the trumpet and misses his beloved Anita, lost as a byproduct of the IVORY COAST fiasco. His foes want a piece of his butt and own Anita but Pete knows there is nothing he can do except hide his body in ...
High Concept: Don Simpson and the Hollywood Culture of Excess
Movie Producer Don Simpson, producer of Top Gun,Flashdace,Bad Boys. The story of his life,His rise to the Hollywood throne, and his rapid downfall. Easily the best Biography that i have ever read. The True Face of Hollywood...
The Ivory Coast
St. Martin's, Feb 2002, 24.95,416 pp. ISBN: 0312274645 In 1955, trumpet player Deacon rides the bus from Chicago to Las Vegas. He barely disembarks from the bus when Mo “the man” Weiner pages him. Deacon knows you always respond when someone called “the man” wants to see you and immediately does. Mo orders Deacon to drive two hours to Shipton Wells where he is to warn someone to go back to Los Angeles. Deacon does the job, but someone els...