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iUniverse, 2003, 14.95, 192 pp. ISBN: 0595280919 In New York City, Carlos ekes out a below sustenance living as a psychic detective. Though he knows that present day clients pays the bills, Carlos prefers mysteries of the darkened past. So when he read a strange missive on a blackboard, Carlos decides to use his psychic friends starting with Joe Davidson to make contact with Judge Crater, who vanished in the 1930s. Carlos and friends make co...
Middle Passage
This story follows Rutherford Calhoun on an adventure across the sea as a stowaway. When Rutherford Calhoun arrives in New Orleans from Illinois, he finds himself in a bind. Having existed as a thief for so long, it should not be a surprise when his debts come do. His girlfriend Isadora wants to be married at any cost and manages to involve a powerful gangster by the name of Papa to interceded on her behalf by purchasing Rutherford's debts and forcing hi...