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The Hour of the Oxrun Dead
A year has passed since Natalie Windsor's husband was mutilated and killed by a "catlike" creature while responding to a false police call. A murder very similar to that occuring to her husband's is committed. Natalie's in laws still keep close tabs on her and when she sees a ring very similar to that of her late husband's on her brother in law's finger, she begins to notice more of the social uppercrust of Oxrun Station wearing them as well. When Marc, ...
The Last Call of Mourning
Upon returning home to Oxrun Station from travelling Europe, Cynthia Yarrow notices that her family has changed. Her Mother cuts herself but does not bleed. Her Father lay dead before her eyes but is alright just hours later. Cynthia's suspicions lie with her family's new doctor, Dr. Kraylin. With her friend from years back, Ed, Cynthia must solve this mystery or die trying....