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The Quincunx
John Huffam had a happy early childhood with his mother, but he always sensed a secret being hidden in the shadows of their lives. Eventually he learns that since his birth his mother has been hiding him from people who wish him harm. John is an potential heir to an extremely wealthy estate, a lost will and a codicil officially name John the heir, and he embarks on a quest to gain his hereditary rights. As he wanders penniless through England, enemies a...
The Sensationist
After the incredibly rich and complicated achievement of _The Quincunx_, which "out-Dickensed Dickens," this short novel comes as a dash of ice water. The narration is cool, distant, and spare, and the protagonist, a young executive named David in a nameless European city that may be London or Edinburgh, decidedly unlikable. He meets and uses women right and left, never really clear about what he wants or is looking for. It would be nearly impossible to ...