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Iron Sunrise
Ace, July 2004, 23.95, 368 pp. ISBN 0441011594 The Escheton, an artificial intelligence, caused the human disappearance on Earth, sending the nine billion people to different planets by opening macroscopic wormholes in space-time. People were warned not to violate causality (time travel) or they would suffer the consequences by the Escheton or its agents. Five years ago, weapons of mass destruction destroyed the planetary system of Moscow thoug...
Singularity Sky
Ace, August 2003, 23.95, 320 pp. ISBN 0441010725 During the mid-twenty first century, a superhuman intelligence that calls itself the Echelon makes it's presence known to the inhabitants of Earth in a big way. Nine of the ten billion people on Earth disappear and it is discovered that they are involuntary colonists on thousands of worlds. The Eschaton warns the humans that if they try and figure out causality (time travel) and use it, they will...
The Atrocity Archives
Magician/spy Bob Howard has to save his love interest Mo from the machinations of a terrorist organization with occult ambitions. Bob Howard, a former hacker now conscripted into Her Majesty's Occult Services, works for the British secret magic spy agency the Laundry, stopping dangerous men and women from using magic to end the world. At the beginning of the book, Bob is a systems administrator for the Laundry, although his ambitions (and desire for ...