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All Hallows Eve
Published in 1945 and still in print, this is the last of the novels of Charles Williams, who along with J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis was one of the Oxford literary group the Inklings. The recent increase in popularity of his fiction, initially boosted by his association with the Inklings, is probably due to the current success of the Frank Peretti thrillers, and the LaHaye-Jenkins 'Left Behind' series. However, in contrast to the current populists Mr W...
Many Dimensions
Published in 1931, this fascinating story is one of Charles Williams' early 'metaphysical' novels (also referred to as theological or spiritual thrillers). Set in London, Sir Giles, the nefarious cousin of The Chief Justice of England, Lord Arglay, has obtained by not entirely fair means the ancient gold Crown of King Solomon the Wise. The White Stone of the Tetragrammaton, embedded in the crown, was the key to his wisdom and riches and fame. Sir Giles m...
The Place of the Lion
Damaris lives to work on her philosophical thesis about the history of Plato's forms. Her romantic admirer is conveniently in a position to publish her work, so she tolerates him and his friends in her life, her sole purpose being to complete her research and be published. But her safe intellectual world is rocked, quite literally, when a group who meet locally in a small town just outside London to discuss the possibility of the actuality and meaning of...