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Home In His Arms
Maggie Tynedale is a plump, pretty small-town girl who loves her lakeside village and runs a small motel there. When Andrew Hargrove breezes into town talking about development and golf courses, she refuses to sell her property to him, thinking that will be the end of it. She has met his kind before; in fact she married, then divorced, his kind before. But Andrew is stubborn, and no sexy small-town girl is going to keep him from getting what he wants....
Time Out Of Mind
Cherri Neilson, a voluptuous, plus-sized woman, travels through time to Regency England and meets the man of her dreams, a duke! The novel follows her struggles to deny her feelings for him (he is married, though estranged from his wife) while she tries to get back to her own time. She sacrifices her own hopes of returning to the twenty-first century, though, when she finds out the man she loves and his adorable little girl are in danger from his wife ...